a plant with several protruding wrinkled branches, which may grow to up to 60 cm tall. Its leaves grow opposite each other, and are large, rough, oval, and petioled. They are greyish-green above and have a whitish pubescence underneath. The bunched flowers are violet-blue, or often white or pink leaves.


Winter vegetable. Depending on variety, leaves can be green, enlongated, smooth, curly, big or small.


A small fruit, with a bright red granulated skin. The pulp is strongly aromatic. Its maximum diameter is around 20 mm. In the same family, there is also a bigger strawberry, which does not have as intense a flavour or aroma.

Sweet potato; Kumara

The sweet potato or yam is a tuber root, similar to the potato. It has an irregular shape, hard, greyish-brown skin and white or orange flesh. The texture is floury, soft and sugary.

Swiss chard

White stalked vegetable with big, wavy, shiny green leaves which have strongly marked nerves.

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