Mache; Corn Salad; Fetticus

The corn salad has shiny, light or dark green leaves. It has an insipid taste and it can be cultivated or can grow in the wild.


an almost spherical small and smooth fruit. It is yellowish-orange in colour and has a smooth or rough skin, depending on the variety. It has a sweet and mildly acidic core, consisting of between 10 and 13 segment, which may contain a seed, depending on the variety.


a kidney-shaped fruit that weighs between 200 g and 2 Kg. Its skin is yellow with dark green and yellowish spots and is woody in texture. The mango is highly aromatic when ripe. The seeds inside are of various sizes, depending on the variety. The pulp is yellowish, juicy, soft and refreshing.


a spherical fruit, 7 cm in diameter. Its colour ranges from bluish to claret. It has a tough skin that protects the pulp, divided into four segments. The pulp is soft, sweet and delicate, melts in the mouth and has a very sweet taste.


15 to 20 cm long cylindrical shaped fruit. The skin is green and the flesh is white with seeds.


an oval fruit, orangish or yellowish in colour. Its skin is shiny, compact and strong, but is easily removed when pulled from the peduncle. Its flesh is very tasty. The medlar has one or more large shiny brown seeds that may take up as much as 45% of the fruit’s volume.


a long fruit, shaped like a rugby ball, or a round one, depending on the variety. The skin ranges from green to various shades of yellow, also depending on the variety. The pulp is compact, sweet and very juicy. There are many orangish seeds at the centre that are not eaten.


Mint may grow to a height of 40 cm. It has quadrangular stems, divided into branches, which do not have flowers at their tip. The leaves are large, long and wide and spear-shaped, with a flat lamina and a serrated edge. Its inflorescences are formed by small pseudo-verticillium. Its calyx is downy and bell-shaped.

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