Garlic is a plant with a bulbous root. Its rounded bulb consists of 12 or 15 yellowish cloves grouped together and covered by a greyish or violet skin, which gives off a strong aroma when removed.

Garlic Shoot

The garlic shoot is the same plant as garlic in the development stage, before developing a bulb with shoots. The lower part (bulb) usually has a redish or purple colour and leaves are deep green.


Grapes come in various colours, from a golden yellow to a violet red, and have a very tough skin. The berry measures between 6 and 25 mm. There are between two and six seeds in each grape. The pulp is greenish, sweet, gelatinous and tender.

Green bean

a long light green vegetable. The green bean is the unripe fruit of the bean plant.


Oval-shaped fruit, the diameter of which is 3 to 10 cms and yellowish in colour when ripe. The guava’s skin can be smooth or rough, depending on the variety, and is between green and yellow in colour, depending on the species and ripening stage. The flesh can be white or pink, also depending on the variety. The texture of this fruit is butter-like and it contains plenty of seeds.

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