Fairyring mushroom

The Fairyring mushroom has a cap measuring 5 – 12 cm, which is semispherical at the beginning and convex at the end, with the edge always pointing downwards. The cuticle is fine, smooth, separable, dry, and is white in young musgrooms, later becoming creamy yellowish in tone (with closely packed gills, that are uneven, white and arched). The stem is white, cylindrical, with a fibrous surface, and is of a hard and thick consistency. The flesh is thick, white and compact, and smells strongly of fresh flour.

Fennel (Bulb)

Unlike the common fennel, which is used as an aromatic herb, from this type of fennel we use the larger part of the leaves’ petiole, which has the shape of a hank or eye (bulb).

Fennel (Leaf)

Extremely aromatic plant that can grow up to 1.5 m, with very long and slender stalks and green inflorescence (the most tender buds at the upper part of the plant are used). Fennel grows in the wild and it is never cultivated.


Rounded, oval or pear-shaped fruit, depending on the variety. Its ripe skin can adopt a pale yellow or green tone, or a tone between dark red and violet. The flesh varies in tone, ranging between pale pink and purple. It may have hardly any seeds or, on the other hand, it can contain over 1,600 seeds. The skin is edible, but this fruit is usually eaten without the skin.

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