Fruit similar to cucumber, but thicker, 20 to 30 cm long. The skin is smooth and green, although it becomes yellow when ripening. The flesh is of a yellowish white colour and doesn’t have seeds.


a long fruit with green skin that turns yellow with black points when ripe. It has a soft, white compact pulp, its taste is mild, but sweet and pleasant, and low in acid. The imported banana is bigger and not as tasty as the Canary Islands variety.


Herbaceous plant, with erect stalk and ramifications, that grows between 30 and 50 cm tall. Its leaves, 2 to 5 cm, are opposite, velvety, egg-shaped, lanceolate and slightly dentate. Flowers are white or slightly purple, arranged in long spikes. The leaves and flowers are its usable parts.


an evergreen tree that may grow to 10-12 m tall. Its leaves are spear-shaped, alternate, and dark green. Its flowers are small, greenish-white and found in umbels, and its fruit comes in black berries.


an almost spherical irregularly red root. Very attractive foliage grows from the stem, which is more or less straight. The flesh, which is dark purplish, is very shiny. Some varieties have a series of banded markings or concentric circles. The taste is sweet and succulent.


Sequence of wide, thick stems, with oval leaves with deep green hairs at the ends. These are long, rough and thorny and must be removed before cooking.

Broad bean

15 to 22 cms long green bean. The broad bean contains between 6 and 7 edible seeds, which are large, compressed and purple or white in colour.


Vegetable similar to cauliflower, with short plain leaves. The colour of the inflorescence is dark green in some varieties and purple or red in others. Broccoli has floral stalks which are less tight and compact.

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