A kind of mushroom

Brown-capped mushroom that grows 5 to 10 cm high, with thick decurrent gills (finishing in a wing or crest on the stem), and a whitish stem. It grows on the stems or roots of the panical (a thorny herb resembling the thistle). This is a very tasty mushroom.


An almost spherical fruit of yellow-orange colour. The skin is soft and velvety to the touch. The seed is brown and almond-shaped. The diameter is from 3 or 4 cm.


Spherical inflorescence, of about 12 cm in diameter. It is composed of green leaves growing on top of each other in the form of scales. At the base there is a tender and edible white peduncle.


Vegetable with young stalks which are sold in green, white or purple. It is very tender and valued highly.

Avocado pear

Oval fruit. It has a thick, fairly rough skin and is bright green or black, although shade and texture varies depending on variety. The flesh is creamy and compact and has a yellowish white colour. Inside it has a big brown seed. The avocado weights between 200 and 400 grammes.

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