Sweet potato; Kumara

The sweet potato or yam is a tuber root, similar to the potato. It has an irregular shape, hard, greyish-brown skin and white or orange flesh. The texture is floury, soft and sugary.

Swiss chard

White stalked vegetable with big, wavy, shiny green leaves which have strongly marked nerves.

Winter cherry

Fruit with a bladder-shaped calyx and with a corolla or ten very marked ribs which contain a small, round, smooth orange berry. It has a pleasant, slightly acidic flavour.


15 to 20 cm long cylindrical shaped fruit. The skin is green and the flesh is white with seeds.


Spherical whitish inflorescence, wrapped in leaves which are more or less green. The average size of the cauliflower is approximately 40 cm in diameter.


a 10 cm-long oval fruit. Its skin may be yellow or orange depending on its ripeness, and is covered with very sharp small thick thorns, that can be easily found when the fruit is ripe. Inside, there is a gelatinous pulp with green seeds, like the cucumber.

Lime; Sweetlime

A citrus fruit similar in appearance to the lemon, with a slightly acid taste. A medium-sized oval fruit, which is yellowish-green in colour and becomes an intense yellow when bruised. The pulp is yellowish, and divided into segments with pips; it is more juicy, aromatic and milder than the lemon. Its juice content is also almost double that of the lemon.


A small fruit, with a bright red granulated skin. The pulp is strongly aromatic. Its maximum diameter is around 20 mm. In the same family, there is also a bigger strawberry, which does not have as intense a flavour or aroma.


a large spherical fruit, with flattened ends. Its green skin, which may be more or less dark, depending on the variety, is smooth, very thick and hard. The pulp is red and has a porous texture, is very juicy and is nearly always very sweet, and contains many black, brown or white seeds. However, seedless varieties have been cultivated and marketed for some years.

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