Sweet potato; Kumara

The sweet potato or yam is a tuber root, similar to the potato. It has an irregular shape, hard, greyish-brown skin and white or orange flesh. The texture is floury, soft and sugary.


Voluminous berry with thick skin that takes different forms according to variety. The flesh is meaty and full of seeds. The pumpkin is green, yellow, orange, or white and a combination of all of these colours decorate its skin. It can take the form of an enlogated or rounded bottle, be smooth or rough.


Spherical inflorescence, of about 12 cm in diameter. It is composed of green leaves growing on top of each other in the form of scales. At the base there is a tender and edible white peduncle.


It consists of a round bean containing a seed of 8-10 mm in diameter, with a characteristic tip which shares the same name as the plant.

Pricky pear; Indian fig; Barbary fig

Fruit the size of a goose egg. This fruit has to be handled very carefully because of the tiny prickles on the skin. Depending on the variety, they can be rounded or enlongated, green, yellow or orange inside. The flesh is granulated, both sweet and bitter at the same time, juicy and refreshing, with a gelatinous consistency sprinkled with small seeds. It is similar in aroma to the pear or the watermelon.

A kind of mushroom

Brown-capped mushroom that grows 5 to 10 cm high, with thick decurrent gills (finishing in a wing or crest on the stem), and a whitish stem. It grows on the stems or roots of the panical (a thorny herb resembling the thistle). This is a very tasty mushroom.


a 10 cm-long oval fruit. Its skin may be yellow or orange depending on its ripeness, and is covered with very sharp small thick thorns, that can be easily found when the fruit is ripe. Inside, there is a gelatinous pulp with green seeds, like the cucumber.

Cumquat; Kumquat

a small oval or round fruit, depending on the variety. Its yellow-orange skin is smooth and very shiny. The pulp is yellow and juicy inside, with a number of small cavities which contain an acidic juice (which is occasionally sweet) and highly aromatic.


a bulb from the same family as garlic and the onion, with a bulbous root. It is around 50 centimetres high and 3 or 4 centimetres thick. The leaves, which range from white to dark green, and the white bulb, have a similar taste to the onion, but much milder and more delicate.

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