a conically-shaped root, finishing in a point, and is wrinkled on the outside. It is a cream colour on the outside and white inside. This vegetable has a very subtle taste.


Plant with cylindrical upright stems, which are grooved and branch-like. The leaves are bright green and cut with toothed segments and lobes, curly in certain varieties. It has a pleasant, slightly spicy taste.

Passion fruit; Granadilla fruit

a fruit of appoximately the same size as an egg, purple when ripe. The pulp is gelatinous and very juicy, with numerous greyish black seeds that are difficult to remove during consumption.


a green pod with 7 or nine small seeds inside. As well as peas cultivated for the consumption of their seeds (which are small, tender and sweet), there is another variety called the sugar pea, which has very small seeds, but also has a tender and exquisite pod.


a round fruit of various colours (red, pinkish, yellow or orangish). The skin of the peach feels like velvet. The pulp may be soft or hard, depending on the variety.


Bearing in mind that there are thousands of varieties of this fruit, which is grown around the world, this must be a general description. It can be said that the majority of pears are shaped very much like a bulb. The predominant skin colour is green, but it may also be yellow, brown or red, and the pulp is white. The pear’s diameter is between 35 and 70 mm.


Very thin and long pepper with a hot taste.


a fruit with a woody and highly aromatic skin. The flesh is yellow with a woody interior trunk that is not eaten. Its taste is very sweet and mildly acidic.


a fruit that may have a thorny or smooth skin, depending on the variety. This is also true of the colour, which may be red or yellow. It is a highly aromatic fruit.

Plum; Prune

a small fruit, spherical or oval in shape. Depending on the variety, the pulp may be green, yellow or reddish. This fruit has a stone.


A round fruit, the same size as an apple and with a tough, thick skin of around 5 mm, ranging from brown to yellowish in colour. Its withered calyx gives it an onion shape. Its white seeds, which have a bittersweet taste, are eaten with the yellow pulp surrounding them.

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