More or less spherical vegetable with green-purple leaves, very compact and can be smooth or curly, rounded or oval. The inner leaves are more tender, whiter, and tastier.


a fruit of various colours, according to its ripeness. It is between 5 and 8 cm in diameter and between 8 and 15 cm long.


Fruit of a greenish colour that becomes yellow when ripening. It has 5 perfectly marked ribs. The flesh is abundant, crunchy and juicy. It can be 5 to 8 cm long and it is divided into cells with several seeds in each one. Because of this, when cutting across it, the pieces resemble a star.


Plant of large proportions that can grow up to 2 m. It consists of a sequence of large concave leaves, tied to a base as if it were a leaf, protecting other smaller leaves which have thorns on the inside.


a long, conically-shaped orange root.


Very thick tuberculous root. It can reach 10 kg in weight, and is very similar in shape to the zucchini or courgette. The production of tapioca comes from the juice obtained by crushing the root and leaving it to settle.


Spherical whitish inflorescence, wrapped in leaves which are more or less green. The average size of the cauliflower is approximately 40 cm in diameter.


Juicy, thick, hollow, furrowed and long stem. It usually consists of a 25 to 30 cm high cylinder-shaped and angular stalk, cut lengthways by a deep furrow. Numerous leaves spring from the stalk.


Basically a bulbous plant or wide stalk with non-edible green buds. The root is very thick, spherical and wrapped with small secondary roots that are removed when sold. Celery is brown, with a very succulent hard and compact flesh of a yellowish white tone.


This is the most consumed and most popular mushroom. It is pleasing to the eye, and has a splendid white colour. It has three parts – the cap, the stem and the gills. It has little nutritional value. The flesh is white and turns orangish when cut.


Fruit of colour ranging from redish yellow to deep red. Its flesh is pink or whitish and it has a sweet taste. The form of this fruit greatly depends on the variety. It usually comes with the penduncle and its diameter ranges from about 1.5 to 2 cm. Of the varieties of this fruit, 900 have a sweet taste and 300 are sour.


Fruit of the chesnut tree. They grow together in groups of up to 3 and are to be found inside a thorny husk. The chestnut itself has a rounded heart shape, it is light brown and the husk is dark brown.

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