(Brassica napus)

the turnip comes in varius shapes and sizes – spherical, long or pointed. The colour of its skin and flesh is yellowish-white and both parts of the root in some cases have a reddish-violet band next to the leaves.

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    • Outdoor growing
    • Forced growing in greenhouses
    • Preservation in cooling chambers
    • Product from several sources
    • Contrasting product (from the southern hemisphere)

Translation of the name

Catalan: Nap
Spanish: Nabo
English: Turnip




Commercial: Root garden produce
Scientific: Crucífera


Stanis, Virtudes-Martillo

Nutritional value

29 calories per cada 100 grams

Grams which make up a serving

1 o 2 unitats

The tree it grows on and its curiosities


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