(Lactarius sanguifluus)

The lactarius has a cap measuring between 5 and 12 cm, which is initially smooth and convex with a central depression and curved edges with abundant undulations. The cuticle is a pale carrot colour, cannot be separated, in concentric areas and with green dots. It has darker, wine-coloured gills, which also have green dots. The stem is short – 3-6 by 1-2 cm, cylindrical, hollow and the same colour as the cap. The flesh is a blood red colour, and is sweet tasting and has no smell.

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    • Outdoor growing
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    • Product from several sources
    • Contrasting product (from the southern hemisphere)

Translation of the name

Catalan: Rovelló
Spanish: Níscalo
English: Lactarius


Mushrooms or Aromatic herbs


Commercial: Mushroom
Scientific: Russulàcia

Nutritional value

28 calories per cada 100 grams

Grams which make up a serving

250-300 grams

The tree it grows on and its curiosities


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