(Psidium guajava)

Oval-shaped fruit, the diameter of which is 3 to 10 cms and yellowish in colour when ripe. The guava’s skin can be smooth or rough, depending on the variety, and is between green and yellow in colour, depending on the species and ripening stage. The flesh can be white or pink, also depending on the variety. The texture of this fruit is butter-like and it contains plenty of seeds.

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    • Outdoor growing
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    • Preservation in cooling chambers
    • Product from several sources
    • Contrasting product (from the southern hemisphere)

Translation of the name

Catalan: Guaiaba
Spanish: Guayaba
English: Guava




Commercial: Tropical fruit
Scientific: Mirtàcia

Nutritional value

50 calories per cada 100 grams

The tree it grows on and its curiosities

Guava tree

Guava cultivation is found in tropical zones, especially Central and South America. It is also common in the United States (Florida) and southern Europe (the Mediterranean Coast ).

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