(Daucus carota)

a long, conically-shaped orange root.

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    • Contrasting product (from the southern hemisphere)

Translation of the name

Catalan: Pastanaga
Spanish: Zanahoria
English: Carrot




Commercial: Root garden produce
Scientific: Umbel·lífera


Ardenta Parade, Iva, Morada, Nantesa, Preda, Tipus Chantenay (Boltex), Tipus Flakkee (Karutan, Race Flamis)

Nutritional value

42 calories per cada 100 grams

Grams which make up a serving

1 peça gran

The tree it grows on and its curiosities


The main producer is China, followed at some distance by the United States and Russia. In Spain, it is grown in the regions of Segovia, Toledo, Cordoba, Valencia, Alicante, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Alava, Barcelona and Madrid.

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