(Musa acuminata)

a long fruit with green skin that turns yellow with black points when ripe. It has a soft, white compact pulp, its taste is mild, but sweet and pleasant, and low in acid. The imported banana is bigger and not as tasty as the Canary Islands variety.

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Translation of the name

Catalan: Plàtan
Spanish: Plátano
English: Banana




Commercial: Tropical fruit
Scientific: Musàcia

Nutritional value

90 calories per cada 100 grams

Grams which make up a serving

150 grams (una peça mitjana)

The tree it grows on and its curiosities


The main banana-producing countries are India, Brazil, the Philippines, Ecuador, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Burundi, Costa Rica, Tanzania and Colombia. In Spain, it is cultivated in Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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